Top Dos And Don’ts Of Artificial Grass
By: Date: February 9, 2021 Categories: Lawn Care

Many people don’t want to get up on a nice Saturday morning and go out and mow the lawn.  For this reason, they are looking for different alternatives to live grass.  In many cases people are turning to artificial grass lawn thousand oaks as a solution.  Once they see what is available, they turn to companies such as Tri-County Turf for installation and supplies.

Once you have your grass installed, you need to take care of it.  Here are a few options and dos and don’ts that you should consider.

Don’t drive on it

You don’t want to drive your vehicles on this type of grass.  Since this is not a natural grass material, it can become damaged if too much pressure or certain types of conditions are met.  Just walk on it normally and don’t use any type of heavy equipment.

Do Moisturize

It might seem funny to water artificial grass since it won’t grow, but it can dry out and crack in the hot sun.  You want to keep your grass moisturized so it stays fresh and no damage can come to it.  If the grass becomes brittle, it may need to be replaced since water won’t bring it back.

Keep fire away

Artificial grass can catch on fire.  You want to keep fire pits, cigarettes and other flames away from your grass.  When you do have fire near the grass it can catch on fire and burn.  If your grass burns, then it will need to be replaced.

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Keep food and gum away

You don’t want to eat on the grass.  So, having a nice picnic on your artificial turf is a no go.  If you have good and other items on the grass it can get caught up in the bristles.  If you have gum or other sticky substances it can ruin the grass and cause nightmares for people to clean.