How To Prepare Your House For Exterior Painting
By: Date: January 27, 2021 Categories: handyman services near me in houston, tx

The secret behind a good exterior paintjob is to start preparing for it long before the brush touches the walls.

Here is a comprehensive guide for you to prepare your house for a paintjob.

Do Necessary Repairing Work

Before you start the paint work, make sure that the exterior of your house is all fixed and repaired. It will be double the cost as well as the hassle to do it after you are done with the paint.

If there are cracks or fissures, fill them up with caulk and let it dry before wiping off the excess. If there are more critical issues which need attention like damage in the roof, deck, or siding, call a professional handyman to take care of it.  

Wash And Clean The Exterior

You can do this yourself or leave it to a pressure-washing service. Either way, deep cleaning the exterior walls is a good idea before a paintjob.

Use regular water and go for cleaning agents only in case of stains and marks. The clean surface will help the paint adhere better and give a brighter, neater look.

Trim Trees And Plants Around The Façade

If you have plants that grow in near vicinity of your exterior walls, you might want to trim them off before the paint work. That way, they will not interfere with the project or hamper the paint by hitting against the wet paint.

Consult any handyman services near me in houston, tx and they will also suggest you do the same.

handyman services near me in houston, tx

Summing up

The surface of your house’s façade needs to be prepped, otherwise the final result of the paint work will be dissatisfying and of poor quality. Proper prepping also ensures that the paint stays longer on the exterior walls of your house and endures the weather much better.