Aftercare Procedure for Tooth Extractions
By: Date: January 27, 2021 Categories: pulling a tooth in Sevierville

Did you know you could face severe repercussions if you do not conduct the aftercare procedure for tooth extractions? Whether you are thinking of pulling a tooth in Sevierville or another place, your dentist will give you some aftercare instructions. Here is what you must do after tooth extraction.

Follow the Instructions

A few essential things that your dentist will ask you to follow right after the tooth extraction are:

·    Keep the gauze pad at the extraction site for 3-4 hours

·    Rest for 1-2 days after the extraction

·    Place ice bags on the extraction area for durations of 10 minutes

·    Rinse with salt solution after 24 hours

·    Sleep with your head placed at a higher level than your body

Keep it Clean, Always

One thing you must do after tooth extraction without fail is keeping your teeth and mouth clean at all times. It does not mean that you must brush and floss throughout the day, but you must do these regularly. However, try to avoid touching the extraction site with your brush or floss.

Choose Your Diet Wisely

Even if you feel better after a day or two, make sure to maintain a soft-food diet to avoid any problem. Food items that you can consume without slowing the healing process include yogurt, soup, pudding, sauce, etc. Additionally, you can also have smoothies and shakes. Continue this diet for at least a week!

Manage the Pain

Tooth extraction pain can be unbearable, for some more than others. Instead of bearing it, you can opt to have a few painkillers. Consult your dentist about the medicine options.

Things to Avoid

A few things that you must try to avoid after the extraction include:

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·    Smoking

·    Aggressive physical activity for 2-3 days

·    Rinsing your mouth for 24 hours

·    Using a straw for a few days

Summing Up

Though tooth extraction is not painful, the after period certainly is. Plus, if you do not take the appropriate care measures, you can suffer from severe infections, allergies, or other such issues. However, with proper aftercare, your jaw will heal within 1-2 weeks!